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The Tor browser is the entry to the deep web. Where you can surf with common browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera and even Cryptotab browser, is only a very small part of everything on the Internet. The biggest part of the Internet, the deep web is even invisible for those who surf with common browsers. But also the dating sites and even hardcore porn sites are still visible with the common browsers. You can make them invisible with the content filter but that’s something else. Why this post about the Tor browser if you don’t need it to see dating and other sex-related websites?

For people looking for sex entertainment and adventures online, the Tor browser becomes interesting when it is about hiding your online activities. You may have a lot of reasons to do so let’s say on the first place you wish to hide that you look for sex adventure online. Then there is the issue with the kids that they shouldn’t be aware of any 18+ stuff on the computer and on the Internet.

Now, what’s so special about the Tor browser? With the Tor browser, nobody can trace your activities. It is a browser especially used by hackers, further in general people who look for privacy just for the principle, but also by … criminals. Remember the Monero cryptocurrency? People who visit illegal stores in the dark web always more prefer to paying with Monero because with this cryptocurrency you not only hide your IP, but also the amount of the transaction, the origin and the target of it. These illegal stores where you can moreover pay with Monero are only to reach with the Tor browser. That because illegal stores make part of the deep web what you can’t see with an ordinary browser. Now that cryptocurrency is always more integrated into online stores or e-commerces, and not only for illegal purposes, perhaps also 18+ websites will soon be payable with Monero. But at this moment you’re just happy to be able to hide your activities with the Tor browser.

The danger about surfing with the Tor browser and how to help it with software

Not only people with illegal activities and criminals use the Tor browser but of also people who are hunting for the first: the police or FBI.
Everybody surfing the internet with Tor browser is a possible suspected for them so you have all reasons to hide your IP also. Else they may keep an eye on but not only the police. Also, cybercriminals who try to get at somebody’s financial data.


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