My Hot Girlfriend Sarah

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My hot girlfriend

A Hot Lesbian Erotic Short Story!

It was a long weekend. My friend Jennifer, with whom I (Alexa, 24) lived together for about two years, had been to his parents for the weekend, which happened quite often lately. Normally I had no objection because I usually had to work on Saturdays and only came home in the afternoon. But this weekend was different. I was in a super horny mood, which perhaps also came about because our intimate relationship seemed a bit less lately. Jennifer was very busy and many an evening he also came home after nine and was too tired for sex. However, I had had the whole weekend off, but because Jennifer had already agreed with his parents, he had just gone. I could have gone, but going up and down from New York to Boston was not my idea of ​​a weekend. Moreover, the relationship between his mother and I was not too good. So when Jennifer had left on Saturday morning, I had quietly entered the city and, after very long hesitation, finally entered the sex shop. With a bright red head, I had watched the store looking at the dildos collection and when the salesman finally asked what I wanted, I had almost made a choice with my eyes closed. Simply, a white bar, not a preformed penis with all sorts of protrusions that I could imagine what it was for. The batteries are included, the seller had entrusted me. I couldn’t go home fast enough to try it out and I spent a good deal of Saturday afternoon and bedtime and also playing with myself on Sunday morning. I had finished twenty times, but I was still horny. Came home now! Would I tell him immediately, or just wait? I decided to put the dildo in my bedside table. Finally, I heard the key in the front door. I quickly walked into the hall to greet him, but more than a fleeting “hello” could not get away. “I’m going to take a shower,” were his first words. Disappointed, I walked back into the room. Moments later, Jennifer came out of the shower, went to the kitchen for a beer and dropped to the couch with a “bursting headache I have.” He repelled my compassionate kiss on his forehead. I just got up to put his things in the washing machine and decided to leave him alone. Too bad for my wet pussy. When I took his things out of his bag, I smelled it. Clearly, his underwear smelled of horny and not just about that. A bit confused, I put it in the washing machine and emptied his toilet bag. What? Condoms? Since when? I have been using the pill for years. Suddenly a jigsaw puzzle seemed to collapse and I was dizzy. I walked into the room with the condoms in my hand. “How were your parents doing?” I asked dearly. “Oh, well,” grumbled Jennifer. I held the condoms in front of him. “Do you need it at home?” He turned bright red and then turned white. “Since when are you in my stuff?” He snarled. “Since when do you want to tidy up your own things?” was my reply, “have you never emptied a bag or put your own smelly underwear in the washing machine.” “A friend.” Well, check it out. Now I know why you are always too tired when I need it. I leave’. Fifteen minutes later, I had packed my things and was crying on the way to my friend Sarah who, after I had called her and told me a few things, had offered me shelter. I had taken the day off Monday and had taken all my stuff out of the flat in the afternoon. That was two weeks ago and the worst pain was over now. Last weekend Sarah and I went shopping and went cycling on Sunday and it had been a nice weekend. This weekend she was not there until Monday evening and after my work on Saturday, I had settled comfortably behind the TV and had informed my entire knowledge circle via email on Sunday. Glad I could use Sarah’s computer. After e-mailing, I had surfed the web a bit and, out of sheer curiosity, had clicked on one of her favorites, ‘Natasja’s stories.’ Eventually, I ended up in the chat box and chatted there with red ears until the early hours. My clit had been completely wasted and I think the dildo’s batteries would be just about empty now. On Monday morning I had been sitting at the computer again before I finally had to go to work at 12 o’clock and had another wonderful experience. With another woman still and it had been wonderfully horny. That brought back memories of a camping holiday with a friend years ago. It had been so warm and sultry one night that we had only slept in panties in the tent, which resulted in a fierce party in the morning. That had been my only experience with another woman so far. I had good memories of it, although I clearly like men more. Horny as I was, I decided to take my luck at Sarah. She was a sporty girl, up-to-date and had often had a boyfriend, but had been dry for a while now, as far as I knew. I decided to leave it more or less to chance by leaving the computer on in the chat box. She would see that I had been to it and would also know that I had found it through her favorites. It was Monday, at 6 o’clock now and Sarah would be home soon. I promised to provide food and everything was more or less ready. A fleeting kiss when she came in and we had a lot to say about the weekend. I told them that I had been busy emailing, but I just left the chatbox out. I offered to do the dishes so that Sarah could tidy up her things. Moments later, I heard her from her bedroom, “Have you had a nice chat, Alexa?” This was my chance !. I walked to her bedroom and stood behind her and put my hands on her shoulders. “Yes, Sas, I was on that site and chatted nicely.” She looked up and smiled: “It’s not always easy, standing dry.” My hands slid down her shoulders and now lay on her breasts. I leaned over and kissed her forehead and sighed. She turned the chair around, stood up and put her arms around my neck. My mouth found hers and with a spluttering emotion, we tantalized each other. Her hands slipped under my shirt and found the closure of my bra. Moments later, she lifted my shirt over my head and bent over. Her mouth surrounded my nipple and as she gently massaged the nipple with her lips, I felt them harden. I moaned softly with pleasure and also let my hands slide under her blouse over her back, while Sarah buttoned her blouse open. A moment later we were kissing each other with our bare breasts against each other and I must say that I felt particularly horny. Our nipples were hard and mine stuck proudly and firmly. Sakia’s nipples were very hard, but small. Her breasts were large and full and very soft. It was wonderful to lick by and to suck on her nipples. “Let’s drink Alexa coffee first,” Sarah whispered, “and then we make love, okay?” At coffee, still, with bare breasts, Sarah confided to me that although she was not really a lesbian, she did fall in love with some women and that she had always found me very sexy. Now I can be there, even if I say so myself. Maybe a bit chubby with my 65 kg, but before that also a couple of nice breasts and still a tight belly. Sakia was, she told me, very horny at times and it was in such a time that she had found the website out of sheer horniness. She had once thought about buying a webcam and then chatting via MSN, but the idea that a pure stranger would see her had stopped her. The coffee was finished and I felt her hands slide over my stomach to my breasts. I leaned back on the couch and Sarah sat down on her knees beside the couch. She unbuttoned my jeans and a moment later her hand went down. I lifted my ass and helped the jean pull over my hips. Her hands were now under my panties and from the weather, I spread my legs and a moment later I laid one leg over the back, the other hanging off the couch. I felt my cunt juices trickle through my lips. With my eyes closed, I enjoyed Sarah’s fingers, now stroking slowly through my slit and a moment later, my panties were pulled down. Sarah’s tongue slid from my breasts down my stomach down the inside of my thighs and then slowly up again through my slit, but it remained. I now felt Sarah squeezing her mouth deep into my bald pussy while her lips closed on my bud and sucked it violently. I was shocked with pleasure. While her mouth remained firmly pressed on my pussy, I felt her tongue sliding through my slit and pressing against the entrance of my hole. With one hand, she stroked my breasts and gently squeezed my nipples and her other hand now went under my ass and her fingers stroked me where her lips did not touch. I got hornier by the minute. Her tongue had now found the opening of my hole and played there eagerly while her fingers brought the horny from my slit to my little star. Now I had just a few hours before in the chat box, horny as I was, my fingers for the first time and then the dildo in my ass, which I enjoyed very much. Feeling Sarah’s fingers around my asterisk in combination with her tongue in my hole made me feel hotter. I felt the blood go to my clit and my hands went down involuntarily to finger me. A moment after that, I came out violently shocking. Sarah, however, continued to suck and slowly pressed her finger into my ass. The feeling of the inward sliding finger made me come back again and it was as if there was no end to the waves of pleasure that washed through my body. And Sarah kept sucking and her finger in my ass now slowly moved up and down and curled in my gut. Again I came and that seemed to be the sign for Sarah to give me peace. Her head came up and with her soaked lips, she pressed a kiss on my mouth and started to tongues. I tasted my horny and enjoyed it. I slowly recovered and while Sarah sat down next to me on the couch, she asked, “nice foreplay?” “Predict?” If that was foreplay, what was not to come. Sarah must have seen my questioning look and started to laugh. Come on, let’s go to bed, it’s a bit easier and then you can spoil me. Moments later, we lay comfortably next to each other on Sarah’s large bed. Although at first, I had the feeling of being saturated, I was so fond of Sarah’s naked body that I felt my cue juices flowing again. I leaned over and kissed her flat stomach while slowly descending to her hairy pussy. Sarah’s legs spread further and further and with my tongue, I slid right past her clit, her pelvis rising up. I lay down comfortably over her in 69 and immediately I also felt her tongue in my slit. We played together and it was just wonderful to taste her juices. Suddenly I felt a dildo slip into my groove and when the vibrating bar was pushed in, I came right away. Sarah kept pushing him in and out of my pussy inexorably and every time she pulled him out, she hit my clit. I no longer had it and again, the tension in my stomach increased. I heard myself panting, louder and louder and then it blew into a hoarse scream every time she hit my g spot or my clit. I now also felt Sarah’s finger on my burdock and a moment later, an orgasm jerked through me as I had never felt before. At that moment, Sarah pushed the bar all the way in and I felt the shaking head against my womb. A wave of pleasure after a wave of pleasure shot through me and only when the dildo was slowly pulled out of me did it become less and eventually went into a spastic contraction of my pelvis. I felt tears in my eyes. Sarah let me come and then turned to me. “Nice girl,” I heard, just sleep now, tomorrow we will continue. The next morning I woke up early and it took me a while to realize that I was in Sarah’s bed. I turned carefully to avoid waking her up. However, she opened her eyes and with a wink I wished good morning. That evening we did it again neatly and Sarah got her hair. We are both not really lesbians and would like to have a cock in our hole, but for lack of anything better, what we have now is worth a lot.

The End.


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