Atthis visitor reports loss of Malthezer pup to the police of Deurne North Antwerp BE

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The transition from old to new, 1999-2000, in Capicorne 1000 Brussels was rather mediocre.
For about 15 years or more, a surf cafe has been kept open by a Pakistani over there. Shortly after the holidays I must have moved to Antwerp because I remember a couple of minutes at the counter of the police with the greatest probability of Deurne Noord. Just before me came a lady that I recognized from an evening at Atthis that I did not address. She was talking about her Malthezer pub allegedly stolen by a certain [LAST NAME]. Now I had been dancing into the early hours of the night with a woman with the same last name. At a certain moment when the Antwerp lady no longer heard it, I said to the police: “I wonder if I did not know that [LAST NAME] personally. I even have her phone number in my possession.” The man from the police said that that was quite possible, but that it did not concern me at all.

I still have her records, but have not called back after yet another time just after New Year when she said she wanted to take it easy. In Antwerp and for some time, from when I still lived in Schaerbeek, I often chatted against the porter of the Shakespeare according to her, a member of Open-VLD although I never found her on pictures of the party. When she agreed that a group from Wallonia indeed whose description matched perfectly with that of [LASTNAME] and her friends, I went to explore the rest of the lesbian cafes although I knew most if not all of them for years. When I was roughly round and found nothing more fun than the Shakespeare, I decided to go back. The Shakespeare, however, was closed for good at the same time.

Joost knows what has become of that Malthezerke. I just gotta try calling and send her to the police of Deurne-North. Sometimes after many years (for example 15) you do indeed get your contact person back on the line even if she only has a mobile phone.


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