Datingfactory is dead

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Afterwards I wonder if it was due to something about my prepaid Bpost card. I admit that maybe I didn’t destroy my pin code of the latter. I couldn’t login yet at Bpost Bpaid and thus I didn’t see the history yet if I will ever see that because another prepaid card that I ordered arrived.

All those profiles of people that signed up years ago but never come online anymore should be deleted for ones and for ever. It doesn’t give a clean impression although you can find out who comes still online. I was never lucky at Datingfactory so I don’t immediately answer everything I get in my inbox anymore.

I’m also an affiliate and I can guarantee you that the original idealism of the starters of Datingfactory in 2006 or 2008 (I don’t find any history on Datingfactory’s website either) is miles away. Nowadays you must “make” € 500 before you get your next earnings. It would be okay for me but as “webmaster” you can’t just hurry up when you suddenly feel to organize a campaign. The editor blocks and has to be repaired before you can put little changes in. Earlier you could upload any what file in any what map in your affiliate account. That’s finished. There are somewhere guidelines to upload code + your own guidelines but they ignore this. You may repeat everything in an e-mail. Everything takes such a long time there that when you are ready for your campaign you don’t feel like anymore. They have no app and it looks as if there will never come one again. In this time you can’t survive without app. Probably they are scared of all the free dating apps existing now.


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