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There is no food anymore one would say while making a tour through Midi Station Brussels BE. From a distance salads on the photos look as plastic which is normal during the Corona crisis. Is there any kebab snack? Quick GB is always there and fully functioning but the other businesses only sell those multilayered sandwiches as become always more popular today. There are still ordinary sandwich bars with a certain choice of toppings as soft brown – red granules with varying diameter from 2 to 4 millimeters. Further more meats and also a very tasty looking stuff you will maybe skip after have read this post and more meats.

Some months before the crisis a new kind of meat appeared on the local market they sold you for chicken. Consumed in a restaurant more carefully observed it showed somewhere a membranous bone with a kind of midline although not perfectly in the middle. It was shaped by a thickening of the bone. They remind you a little bit the webbed feet of a duck although completely stiff.

Where have all the cats gone during the crisis. Since a short time they reappear. Were they scared for being chopped in the pan or was it out of precaution by their master against contamination. Humans and domestic animals on average suffer from different illnesses which include colds.

The membranous bone resembles a little bit the shoulder blade of some mammals as cats, cows and especially pig.

In times of crisis or when the hunt is open or for another reason there is a kind of meat on the market in Congo existing in a mix of everything, also insects, snake and crocodile called. Else ask your local butcher.


The simple solution

My correspondent in Matonge told me that it was goat. He admitted that the chickens behind the counter glass are fake.


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Night out dining Brussels ...
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