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Join this traditional lesbian dating website. There is no doubt about your sexual orientation. You are lesbian and need no further discussion about trying out an alternative. Here you find only women with the same sexual orientation. You are prepared to pay a small monthly fee for your membership. You are in touch about the local offline possibilities to meet one another or are curious to learn about it.

What is your age?

On girlswithgirls.be it doesn’t matter how old you are. But you must be at least 18 years old to make use of the website. Although most members are between 20 and 45 years old, older women should feel encouraged to join. If you’re 45+ and member of an offline 45+ group please, consider communicating the URL of this dating site to your girlfriends so that the age gap is filled.

Tools for making contacts

With this tool you can see who the existing members are.

All tools as discrete e-mailing, cam chat, sending cards, profile page, winking, add-to-friends’-circle buttons are present. You’ll get in touch about new e-mails in your inbox as well as about any other approaching of other members. Make work of your profile so that members easily contact you. If you’re shy to make contact start with a wink and see if you get a response.


Make work of your profile

Your profile is the first you should be worried about after you registered on girlswithgirls.be. Start with uploading your best photo. Profiles with a photo have more response. Be clear in what you are looking for. Of course, you’re looking for a relationship, that’s what other members expect you to signed up for, but you will convince the crowd only by describing this desire in your very personal words. Add more photos of your personal life, or your favourite bar and other places you love and you want to share with your new friends of the website. Also, videos can do a lot about your popularity. Show yourself in action and in interaction with others. Then also add what you expect from your real one and how you see your life together with her. Propose your friends to go out together, watch a movie, have dinner. You can have 1001 expectations, if you don’t write down any of them nobody will know about it.

With the eye on a wedding


With the eye on a wedding

Take into account that not every homosexual on Earth has the possibility in his own country. You can limit your search to people from countries where gays and lesbians can marry or else propose that will marry in own country. But before thinking about marriage there is still a long way to go. A way of making friends, meeting offline, inviting at your home …


Some of our members


The different kinds of membership

Registering is free, also, making your profile is free. You can write in guestbooks for free, sending winks and adding friends for free. As soon as you get a response you will be asked to pay for membership. More info on memberships and payments can be found in the FAQ.

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