LGBTQ+ people are being ignored in the national discussion on family and sexual violence

LGBTQ+ communities experience violence and abuse at similar, if not greater rates than cisgender, heterosexual women. Their stories need to be heard.

LGBTIQ+ people are being ignored in the census again. Not only is this discriminatory, it's bad public policy

Despite the ABS itself saying that collecting data on LGBTIQ+ communities is of ‘national importance’, these questions have been left off the census again — for no good reason.

Adichie and Emezi: ignore the noise, pay attention to the conversation

The public politics of African writers has been in the spotlight again due to the bitter disagreement between Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and Akwaeke Emezi over transgender issues.

No, you can't identify as 'transracial'. But you can affirm your gender

An online influencer’s desire to identify as ‘transracial’ reveals their own racism, transphobia and privileged perspective.

Transgender medicine – what care looks like, who seeks it out and what's still unknown: 3 essential reads

Across the US, politicians, activists and transgender people are fighting over the right to access transgender medical care. Rarely is the care itself actually discussed. This is that discussion.

What is the religious exemption to Title IX and what's at stake in LGBTQ students' legal challenge

Around 100,000 LGBTQ US students study at religious institutions that can legally discriminate against them. A lawsuit seeks to end that religious exemption but faces an uphill struggle.

Pride and prejudice: With only 9 LGBTQ criminal record expungements, what’s to celebrate?

The Expungement Act was a centrepiece of the federal government’s apology to LGBTQ2 Canadians. But figures indicate only nine people have successfully had their convictions cleared.

Nearly 10% of youth in one urban school district identify as gender-diverse, new study finds

The proportion was the largest the study’s authors had ever seen.

Trans kids in the US were seeking treatment decades before today's political battles over access to health care

Few trans kids in the early 20th century had access to information about trans life. That they still faced down the judgment of parents and doctors is a testament to the truth of their dysphoria.

How 'allyship' can make LGBT+ staff feel less excluded in the work place

Companies need to make sure every voice is heard.

How the bulletin board systems, email lists and Geocities pages of the early internet created a place for trans youth to find one another and explore coming out

For trans youth who couldn't be themselves in real life, the internet became a place for connection and self-expression.

Trans moms discuss their unique parenting challenges during the pandemic – and what they worry about when things go back to 'normal'

Job loss and reduced earnings can exacerbate existing power imbalances trans people may face in their personal relationships.

Striking a balance between fairness in competition and the rights of transgender athletes

Since there is no typical transgender athlete, broad rules don't seem appropriate. But that's exactly what legislation seeks to do.

Sex work, part of the online gig economy, is a lifeline for marginalized workers

More people are getting involved in sex work, especially online – and it can be a lifeline for marginalized people.

Doctors treating trans youth grapple with uncertainty, lack of training

Because little scientific evidence exists for trans medical treatments, doctors are often wary when working with trans people, even if they realize it's in the patients' best interests to do so.

Two classes of trans kids are emerging – those who have access to puberty blockers, and those who don't

Puberty-suppression therapy gives trans teens the gift of time and the ability to attain a more desirable appearance.

How to tell if your college is trans-inclusive

These are some of the key features and policies that trans prospective students may want to consider in their college exploration process.

Trans youth are coming out and living in their gender much earlier than older generations

The survey also found that trans people who live in their affirmed gender report experiencing less stigma, anxiety and depression.

How parents can support a child who comes out as trans – by conquering their own fears, following their child's lead and tolerating ambiguity

A psychologist and expert on gender diversity explains strategies for creating a healthy environment for trans or nonbinary kids.

I’m a pediatrician who cares for transgender kids – here’s what you need to know about social support, puberty blockers and other medical options that improve lives of transgender youth

Transgender youth have a number of research-backed medical options available to them. The multidisciplinary approach ranges from promoting family support to hormone treatments to surgery.

Indigenous women, transgender and Two-Spirit people need support when leaving prison

To release anyone, particularly Indigenous women, transgender and Two-Spirit individuals without a plan is irresponsible and dangerous and does not demonstrate a commitment to reconciliation.

Most trans and non-binary youth are supported and healthy despite stigma and discrimination

We need to commit to creating safe and inclusive environments for trans and non-binary youth, because when they have those supportive environments, they thrive.

Why the World Rugby guidelines banning trans athletes from the women's game are reasonable

From a safety and fairness standpoint, the new guidelines are reasonable and supported by evidence. They are the best way forward, not just for rugby, but for all sports.

LGBT+ history month: forgotten figures who challenged gender expression and identity centuries ago

Although the terminology we now use to describe gender would have been alien in the 18th and early 19th centuries, the concepts were understood by many.

How high school sports became the latest battleground over transgender rights

New legislative proposals want to allow ‘sex testing’ of girl athletes through genital exams and genetic and hormone testing.