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Dating site webmasters

Webmasters who started this white label company were unhappy affiliates of other dating companies before. They agreed that they were exploited by their companies and decided to start a new dating company with maximum revenue for the affiliates. That was in 2009. The dating software the new company used was a white label. A white label has some interesting features compared to a website on traditional dating software. The most practical benefit is that as a starting affiliated you have already some thousands members to your disposition before you spend any pain or money to promotion of your website. However, those members can’t bring you revenue. But the new members you make will have plenty of choice. They will never complain that your website is not populated. This was such an attractive feature that it helped the explosive increasing of the number of dating sites in the first decade of the new millennium. Starting an traditional dating website can cost you a ton to get visitors and you need thousands of them before you can run your dating business the way it’s worth talking about.

Also a lot of critics came on many of the white labels platform. But at DatingFactory they made work of their software and they survived. Proudly the staff announced there yearly Award and now DatingFactory is generally recognized as the best white lable dating platform with headquarters in Switzerland. In meantime much of the original staff is replaced. They found other jobs with the experience they had from ‘DatingFacotry’.

Revenue share

New Bosses Mean New Rules although the original paying out structure is still valid although it has become more severe. Here is the Shared Revenue model:

Revenue per month, Euro % Initial and renewals/recurring first 3 months % Initial after 3 months % Renewals/Recurring after 3 months % Referrals (sub partners) % affiliates % internal
0-499 60 50 50 10 10 50
500-999 60 50 50 10 10 50
1000-4999 65 60 55 10 10 50
5000-9999 65 65 60 10 10 50
10000+ 65 65 65 10 10 50

Before you are paid out, your earnings must have earned a minimum amount in commission. This minimum commission threshold is 100 euros. Partners can raise their minimum payout threshold to 1,000 euros.

If you choose to be paid in checks, the currency is GBP. For bank transfers you have the choice between GBP, USD, EUR or CHF. Bank charges are for the partner’s account.

Webmasters can make money from their own whitelabel affiliate website but also by promoting popular websites of other webmasters of a site running on the smae whitelabel. Setting up a site is very easy and, in addition to the costs for a domain, completely free of charge. Instead of a paid domain, you can also use a free DatingFactory subdomain, although nothing is as nice as your own domain.

In half an hour you can have your website online and start earning. Of course you can also give him a personal look by replacing photos, writing a catchy text, adjusting macros etc. There is an extensive manual inside and your personal guide is always ready to help you.

The genre dating site that you can build with DatingFactory

Webmasters own one or more websites in the next niches:
Dating met subniches: General dating, Senior dating, Single parents, Disabled dating, Uniform, Christian dating, BBW/BHM dating, Vegetarian dating, Dating and sports, Divorced singles, Professional singles, Asian dating, Black dating, AIDS/HIV/STD dating, Indian matrimonial, Pet lovers dating, Geek dating, Interracial dating, Hispanic dating
Gay Dating met subniche: Lesbian dating
Adult met subnichse: General adult, Trans, Alt, SugarDaddy, BBW/BHM adult, Swingers & Threesomes, Nudist dating, Anal lovers,
Gay Adult met subniche: Gay adult for men
Casual met subniche: General casual, Cougar dating, Extramarital affairs
Free met subniche: General free
Adult Responsive met subniche: General Adult Responsive

How many websites you can run

Principally you can start several websites but you must consider the costs of promoting it. When you use for instance adwords and you spend € 100 or more per months at your adword campaigns, for a second site this amount doubles and so on. of course there is something at datingfactory’s they call “cross-selling. This means that you get revenue from ads running inside another of your dating sites. But will never get so much clicks that you can replace Adwords by it. If you start a site and this doesn’t perform very well you can start a second one. This way you discover your niche.

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